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Contentdokter is a small and independent consultancy, founded in 2003 by Ronald Verheul and specialised in designing and building web content management systems (CMS). Our specialists are proud to always place quality first.

We define content management as the process of collecting, managing and publishing (web-)content. When implementing a cms these 3 processes must be evaluated against your company processes.

We can help you with the selection and/or implementation of a content management tool for your Internet site. We have to knowledge, expertise and hands-on experience to design the most optimal solution for your situation and requirements. We have implemented many web content solutions using tools like Autonomy/Interwoven Teamsite (incl. Livesite and OpenDeploy) and Joomla.

We also have extensive experience in web frameworks like Java, Php, Struts, Spring, Symfony, Laravel and AngularJS.

We are located in the south of Limburg, NL, on very short distance of Maastricht, Heerlen, Koln and Li├Ęge. We accept projects in Netherlands, Belgium and the Ruhrgebiet.

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